The fall of the Dollar has Begun

Dollar versus Euro
Dollar versus Euro Post-Election

The rise of the Euro is tied to Dollar’s Position current Plunge

Analysts consider that the near-parity earlier reached with the Euro is coming to a swift end. As insecurity in markets, both financial and lay, bubbles up, the American Market has begun to suffer. Some considered this would be a strong year for the United States’ currency. However, due to confusion over Trump’s immigration ban and uncertainty over future decisions concerning foreign and domestic policy, the Euro has begun to rise. In December, Donald J. Trump shocked the world by reaching the Presidency.

Trump’s triumph caused a perceived future of business-friendly policies in the U.S. This  buoyed stock indexes, especially the DOW Jones, which saw tremendous growth, and bolstered the dollar, which reached a near-record high against most currencies. We at CS Capital weren’t sure what to make of this growth, but many of our analysts had serious doubts. Since November, analysts and traders alike have been in awe of the growth and stability that the election of the new U.S president caused. Many were surprised, while many others basked in the glory of being some of the few to predict such a series of events.

Inauguration came this year and changed everything. A series of unexpected and sudden executive orders from the president are sending shock-waves throughout world markets. The short-lived economic miracle seems to have been a lie. For one, there’s instability regarding jumbled new policies. Then, markets perceive that the Euro is being undervalued in a tremendous way. CS Capital is going to have to call the Dollar’s rise over, and time to spring for the Euro. The wealth management experts are rapidly dumping dollars and moving to Euros. The Euro is set for a strong year and this is the point where it will be the lowest.

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