Top Members of U.S Intelligence Agencies Tapped

The White House said on Wednesday that the Director of National Intelligence and the director of the Central Intelligence Agencies will both be members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet. This is a welcome change to previous animosity towards such agencies. Trump had previously compared the CIA to Nazis. He also had refused to sit through daily intelligence briefings. The Senate has already confirmed former congressman Mike Pompeo as CIA director. However, the nomination of former Senator Dan Coats still awaits Senate confirmation as Director of National Intelligence. The Director of National Intelligence is, of course, the most important intelligence posting in the U.S.

Decision Follows Controversial Snub of Intelligence Agencies

The decision follows a political controversy over a decision by Trump. The decision snubbed  the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These are regular members of the Principals Committee, a key White House decision-making body. Trump had previously said they would not be a part of the Principals Committee. The new announcement then, is a welcome change in policy.

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